The Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free Download
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The Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free Download Camrip

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The Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free DownloadThe Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free Download Camrip. Download The Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

The Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free Download Camrip

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Movie Overview

The Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free Download Camrip A sudden disease, known as Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration, or IAAN, kills over 90% of the children under 18 throughout the world, leaving the remaining survivors with unusual abilities. As a result, the governments of the world place the survivors in an internment camp, where they attempt to cure the children of their disease, distinguishing them into classes based on their abilities.

Ruby Daly celebrates her tenth birthday with her family, where her father gives her a keychain. Seeing her parents’ concern about IAAN, Ruby tries to comfort her mother in the night, touching her hand, and inadvertently erasing all her memories with Ruby. In the morning, her mother locks Ruby in the garage; having no recollection of her, she sends Ruby to an internment camp, where Ruby is determined to be an Orange, one of the most dangerous classes where they have the abilities to control other people’s minds and memories. Ruby uses her abilities to convince her supervisor that she is a Green, the least dangerous ones with extremely high intelligence.

Six years later, Ruby is found out to be an Orange following a test using a frequency that is only detectable by Oranges. Cate Begby, a doctor, reveals herself to be part of the Children’s League, an organisation that uses the survivors as soldiers, and helps Ruby in her escape from the camp. The two make their way to a gas station, where Cate provides Ruby with a pendant that can be activated into a tracker, in the case she is in danger. Cate introduces her to an associate of the League; a suspicious Ruby makes her escape from the station with a little girl named Suzume, a Gold who has the abilities to control electricity. Suzume, shortened to Zu, introduces Ruby to her friends, Liam, a Blue who has telekinetic abilities, and Charles, a Green, who agree to let Ruby join them as they try to make their way to a safe haven, led by another Orange “Slip Kid”.

The group heads to an abandoned mall to gather supplies, where they cross paths with another group of survivors, who give a clue about the haven’s location, through the letters ‘EDO’. Charles deduces that they are actually numbers ‘540’, which lead to a radio transmission, revealing the location of the haven. The group make their way there; along the way, Ruby and Liam begin to develop a romantic connection, but Ruby refuses to touch him, fearing that her powers will hurt him. At the haven, “Slip Kid” is revealed to be the president’s son, Clancy, who teaches Ruby on how to control her powers, and in turn, has Ruby teach him on how to erase people’s memories. Clancy, who is revealed to be working for the government, attempts to use this to rid Ruby of her negative thoughts and turn him to her side, but she manages to escape with the others. Liam flees with all of the camp members and Zu, while Ruby faces off against Clancy, ultimately exploding the camp, and making her escape with Charles, who is severely injured in the chaos. Liam reunites with Ruby and an unconscious Charles in the woods, where Ruby uses her pendant to signal Cate for help.


The Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free Download The Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free Download The Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free Download The Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free Download

The Darkest Minds 2018 Full Movie Free Download Camrip
Full Name: The Darkest Minds 2018
Release Date: 3 August 2018 (USA)
Length: 1h 44min
Size: 700 MB
Quality: Camrip
Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Language: English
Cast:  Amandla Stenberg, Mandy Moore, Bradley Whitford

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